Patient Information

We pride ourselves on spending the time necessary with each patient to conduct a thorough physical exam, explain the diagnosis and go over the treatment plan. Some patients may have more extensive problems that can take longer to evaluate and discuss. As an orthopaedic practice there are also emergencies that we contend with on a daily basis which could affect wait times. If you are a new person to the practice and wish to expedite your visit, please return to our home page and click "forms" in order to download the forms necessary to complete.

Our practice is comprised of both doctors and physician assistants within each specialty of the practice. We operate as a team with full communication between all practitioners. Most appointments will be alternated between the MD and the PA. The majority of appointments scheduled with the physician assistant are at the direction of the MD overseeing the patient care. Our PA s are highly qualified in their specialized fields and should be expected to be a part of your patient experience at Suffolk Orthopaedic Associates.